Top 5 Best IT Asset Management Software In 2021

Are you aware of the current state of your assets as you read this? A company is nothing without its assets, yet they can be difficult to manage on your own. That is why, to improve efficiency and dependability, use to automate various aspects of the process. That begs the question of how to choose asset management software. We’ve compiled a list of the top solutions to assist you in making an informed decision. Continue reading for more information.

Mirat: It is one of a kind next-generation automated and remote IT infrastructure tool that helps your organization in its journey. It is insightful, predictive and futuristic with a digitized approach. The software’s ITSM suite comes embedded with workflow, change, problem and incident management tools that come together to improve the proficiency of your services. 

The USP of is its Triage live Poll tool, also known as the Admin tool that takes overs all administrative tasks from various platforms/databases. Following the one-size-doesn’t-fit-it-all thought process, has a flexible and affordable pricing strategy. Various packs like starter, standard professional and enterprise are available that are economically priced at 6.70, 20.11, 33.51, 73.73 $, respectively. 

ServiceNow ITSM and ITAM: ServiceNow Asset Management automates the lifecycle of your IT asset. Its lifespan monitors financial, contractual, and stock information on hardware and equipment – and non-IT assets. Its features include IT asset lifecycle management, Asset worth tracking, Inventory management. Hardware and software asset management, Consumables management, Contract management, Stockrooms management, etc. 

Promising a detailed evaluation of the enquiring company’s needs, Service Now encourages potential customers to contact their representatives for a custom quote.

Zoho Creator: IT equipment is the backbone of any firm. It isn’t easy to envisage a workplace that doesn’t have any or all of these. It is just as crucial to track these assets accurately as it is to source them, which is exactly what this software accomplishes. 

Keep track of every IT asset your firm possesses, from hardware to software, desktop to mobile, without breaking a sweat. You may personalize this app for the web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Zoho creator is available in two packages, professional and ultimate, billed at 13.41 and 214$, respectively.   

eMaint: This CMMS Cloud-based software enables maintenance staff to monitor, record, save and share historical data on asset efficiency, which can then be utilized to maintain and prolong the equipment’s life. eMaint is complemented due to its work order management and workflow optimization, inventory and replacement parts monitoring. The software also offers a wide range of online and individual learning opportunities to ensure that maintenance staff benefit from crucial CMMS updates. 

For their operational functions, food and beverage enterprises, wastewater processing stations, plant management operations, healthcare, and institutions can use eMaint as quickly as well. eMaint’s Team edition is available at $33/user/month (3 user package), the Professional edition is available at $85/user/month (3 or more users), and the Enterprise edition is available at $120/user/month (5 or more users).

xAssets: With xAssets, you can manage your whole asset lifecycle, including software licences, contracts, services, cloud, and requests, all from a single application. Asset accounting, depreciation, barcoding, planned maintenance, procurement, spares, storage, and disposal may all be managed with a single holistic repository. All aspects of the system, including dashboards, queries, forms, reports, integrations, data management, and workflow, can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.

The US Air Force has evaluated and security certified xAssets, which may be deployed on-site or as a SaaS solution. What is different about xAsset is that it has a free one user edition as well that is fully functional. It charges &39 for a month for additional users, and the professional editions are priced at $1000/year.  

It’s a boon to be famous, but it is more about how serviceable and compatible the product is with your business. The detailed feature round-up of these 5 top ITAM software tools, along with their costs, is just meant to be informative. We are not pledging these against one another but yes, you as the user should decide which one suits you the best. It is awesome to be popular but being useful beats the feeling to the top.