Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, And Angels Of Death

Artificial Intelligence and data mining are the two fields that are seeping through every industry be it healthcare or automation – data and AI have solutions to many problems.

Data Mining

Data mining is the process by which you can discover patterns in large data sets through multiple methods. Discovering patterns help you extract useful data from raw data which is called information. So, you can basically analyze huge sets of data and extract the information you want by the use of multiple software.

Data mining is also known as knowledge discovery in data (KDD). Many multinational companies are using data mining to turn raw data into useful information that can potentially help them make meaningful decisions in the future. Data mining also helps in finding anomalies and correlations.

Data mining is used in almost all of the departments related to our daily life. It has a very prominent role in client relationship management. It holds great potential to improve health care in the near future. We can detect intrusions and frauds with the help of data mining.

It also turned out to be very helpful in financial banking and customer segmentation. The education sector has also benefited from the process of data mining. Corporate services are also being performed with the help of data mining, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of data mining uses.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed and developed to mimic human-like behavior. Such machines are designed to act like a human, the way they talk, walk, think, and sometimes feel.

They also have human-like learning and problem-solving skills. The research goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create such technology that lets machines and computers to function in an intelligent manner. The general goal of achieving or simulating intelligence is further broken into subproblems. So, in short, it is a branch of computer science that is concerned with building smart machines capable of performing human-like tasks.

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated in almost every field of life. It is used in chat boxes so it can behave in a more human-like manner. AI is being used in security and surveillance, autonomous driving and autonomous drones, retail, shopping, fashion, livestock. Inventory management, healthcare, and medical imaging analysis, agriculture and farming, warehousing and logistics chain supply, and the most common use as a virtual assistant.

Artificial intelligence is also being incorporated in daily life with machine learning and data training. After being used in all these departments, there is still scope for artificial intelligence to penetrate other fields of life in order to improve efficiency and productivity to achieve flawless functioning.

As mentioned earlier, these two branches of computer science are taking over almost all the departments of our daily lives. This is causing them to be the angels of death for many of the conventional ways of doing things. Collectively, these fields have taken over many of the tasks which were done by a human in the past reducing, or sometimes completely eliminating, the need for human resource.

Understanding Natural Language

The biggest breakthrough for Artificial intelligence and data mining was when it enabled the machines to accomplish the understanding of natural language. This is the reason we are seeing AI being used in multiple software. This meant that machines could now understand the actual meaning of a conversation that is happening and not just the literal meaning. This can help in so many ways including marketing, sales management, and customer targeting. It also helps understands the emotions of the user leading to understanding the mood and nature of the user. This can reduce the actual conversation happening between the people and is an angel of death for communication.

Auto-Pilot And Self Driving Cars

Artificial intelligence and data mining has enabled the automation for flying planes and driving cars. A plane can now fly independently with the help of autopilot and can adjust the flight according to the weather or any other conditions. Similarly, a car can drive you to your destination without the need of a driver. The driverless car understands and acts accordingly for any unforeseen event or circumstance. So both of these technologies can be considered angels of death for pilots and drivers alike.

Security And Surveillance

We can achieve a high level of security and surveillance with the use of artificial intelligence and data mining. We can train the security systems on faces of trusted people using data mining and machine learning and detect intruders with different applications of artificial intelligence like face recognition. Such systems can eliminate the concept of security checkpoints and reduce the manpower required at the entry and exit points. We can say that AI and data mining are angels of death for security companies providing the manpower for security.

Health Care And Medical History

Health care is the most sensitive department of our lives and we do not trust anyone with the health of our loved ones. AI and data mining are taking over this field as well, by examining your medical history and creating applications incorporating artificial intelligence that can help you identify your disease without consulting an actual doctor. This may sound like overkill but this is the field in which we need automation the most. This will eventually be an angel of death for the doctor’s profession as well.

Virtual Assistant And Chat Boxes

Virtual assistants and chat boxes are other forms of achievement of data mining and artificial intelligence. A virtual assistant helps you perform tasks without putting extra effort into the task. This gives you a human-like experience. Chat boxes are very similar in this way that they give you the effect of communicating with a human. This proved to be the angel of death for the assistants and those who performed communication between people.

Smart Education

Education is the biggest business in most countries nowadays. It also plays a vital role in the development of a country. AI and data mining collectively took education to another level which is referred to as smart education these days. It requires  AI to automate the expedition of administrative duties for teachers and academic institutions reducing the need for administrative staff. It also provides personalized electronic tutoring customized to the learning styles and needs of the students.

CRM And Banking

Data mining has improved customer relationship management by letting the company gather and analyze the data for its customers. This helps in identifying the trends and needs of the users. Similarly, in banking AI and data mining has improved the banking experience by letting the company know the needs and demands of their customers causing the eradication of customer relation manager jobs.

Overall, Artificial intelligence is taking over all the departments of life and soon it will nearly eliminate human involvement in many of the departments.