Finding New Marketing Strategies to Help Promote Business for the Next Quarter

Running a business is a constant process of review, reevaluation, and adjusting methods and approaches. As customer preferences and behaviour changes, so too must the way in which modern companies promote their business to scale and grow. 

Marketing is a cornerstone of a successful business. It is vital for creating brand awareness, attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones. Marketing itself is in a constant state of change, new techniques and strategies emerge all the time, each of them promising to offer further opportunities for companies to progress. If you’re looking for some new marketing strategies to promote your business as we head into the next financial quarter, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out. 

Improve Your Content Offering

Content is one of, if not the most important part of an effective marketing strategy. If you’re looking to maximise the content you are delivering to audiences, consider using a media services partner. Red Bee Media offers a wide range of services and can help your content stand out from your competitors. From greater accessibility and discovery capabilities to improved content reach and connectivity, Red Bee are perfect for companies who are looking to give their content a boost and see greater returns as we head into the next quarter. 

Work On Your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is something that you need to implement if you want to ensure that audiences are finding your business online. Search engines like Google look at several factors when deciding where a particular website should rank in their search results. Platforms that fulfil more of their requirements will be placed higher in the list, allowing consumers to see them ahead of competitor companies. 

Search engines will regularly review and update their standards for ranking content, such as Google’s widely publicised August 2022 update. Make sure you are aware of the current SEO best practices and ensure you are incorporating them into your marketing strategy. 

Use Influencers

Social media influencers have proved to be revolutionary for the marketing industry. Many of these social commentators have attained a cult-like status of celebrity, and they can have enormous power over their audiences. Brands pay top dollar for influencers to been using or recommending their products, with the available returns potentially significant. 

While the most famous social media icons are what most people might think of when they hear the term ‘influencer’, the reality is that influencer come in all shapes and sizes. They can worldwide superstars or small-time, niche reviewers and brand ambassadors. Depending on what industry you are in, using an influencer could prove to be an extremely time and cost-effective way of promoting your business. 


Podcasts might seem like a rudimentary, even archaic type of media. In fact, the podcast industry is growing at an exponential rate. There are currently millions of active podcasts on the market, and research has indicated that over 40% of millennials listen to podcasts every week

This is an enormous market that has incredible potential. Podcasts are easy and cheap to produce and can be the perfect vehicle for a simple, audio-based marketing or advertising message.  Your company could start its own podcast, or partner with an existing podcast to promote your products and services. This can mean you buy ad space on the podcast or actually have you or a member of your team appear as a guest on an episode. 


As we head into the next quarter, it’ vital that you explore all available avenues for promoting your business. Use the marketing strategies above to achieve the best results.