The truth is that the default names of the WiFi networks of our routers leave a lot to be desired. Generic names followed by random combinations of letters and numbers without any personality. In communities with many neighbors and several of them with the same operator it can be difficult to find our wireless network. Luckily, we can (and should) customize the WiFi network. To do this, we will change the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​or name of the WiFi network next to the password. In the following article we give you a complete compilation of original, funny and funny names to network your WiFi network.

But where and how do I change the name of the WiFi network?

It is possible that before entering to see the most original names that we can put to the WiFi network we must know exactly how we have to do the name change process. For this, we must know some things. First, the router configuration page, which is usually accessed using the classic IP (or some similar variant). We will have to enter that address in the browser and then the user and access password that we must know.

Secondly, we must know that with the name of WiFi network we mean the SSID , which stands for Service Set Identifier. The code consists of a maximum of 32 characters, which are most often alphanumeric. However, the standard does not specify it and we can use any other character. Therefore, the maximum length will be 32 characters including spaces.

Funny and original names for WiFi network

  • 4 8 15 16 23 42
  • Abraham Linksys
  • Access denied
  • Alt + F4 to connect
  • even if it appears this is not a wifi
  • Bitcoin to $ 100,000 in 2030
  • Searching…
  • Exchange wifi for beer
  • Change food x wifi
  • Loading…
  • LANnister House
  • CIA Secret Station
  • Alternate Club at [floor number]
  • CNI
  • Police station
  • Connecting …
  • 56 Kbps connection, or [Operator] -56Kbps
  • Connection not available
  • Civil Guard Barracks
  • The drug comes out, the Wi-Fi does not
  • Disconnected…
  • Telematic Crimes
  • The one with the [number of your apartment] makes me horny
  • The good, the bad and the wifi
  • Wi-Fi below goes faster
  • The wifi does not exist, they are the parents
  • Get hooked on this 8 ==== D
  • Enter if you know the password
  • Error 404 Wi-Fi not available
  • It’s the WiFi, buddy
  • I’m under your bed
  • I am behind you
  • Fiwi
  • Format Windows
  • FBI Surveillance Van, FBI Surveillance Van.
  • Guifi
  • Hello neighbor
  • Hello, little neighbor
  • I Believe Wi can Fi
  • Infecting computers since 1989
  • insert Coin
  • It Hurts When IP
  • LAN Solo
  • LANdo Calrissian
  • Free wifi
  • Mom wears this
  • Martin Router King
  • Not_Found
  • Obi-WAN Kenobi
  • I hate my neighbors
  • NSA Office 546
  • I wish this WiFi was fiber
  • I have seen you naked
  • We hear you have sex
  • Put your advertising here
  • Mordor Gate
  • May the WiFi be with you
  • Network out of range
  • Insecure network
  • Unsecured network
  • Stealing Wi-Fi is illegal – CGPJ
  • If you want to enter send PASSWORD to [invented number]
  • Stwi-fi Wonder
  • I have a sniffer and I know how to use it
  • Free trojans
  • Your Wi-Fi is in another castle
  • A Lanister always pays for his Wi-Fi
  • Virus Detected
  • Free virus
  • Virus.exe
  • Warning Connection Problem
  • WIFI € 1.20 / min
  • Wi-Fi blocked for non-payment
  • Paid Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi disconnected
  • WIFI + HD + PRV
  • WiFi_Wonka
  • Neighbor of the 3B if I give you WiFi
  • Don’t make noise and I’ll pass you the key
  • The ones above yell a lot
  • I call the Civil Guard

WiFi prohibited

Win32 / TrojanDownloader.Nymaim.BA, Win32 / GenKryptik.BMFV, Win32 / Injector.DVCX or any virus name we can think of.

What if I have two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks?

In case of having two WiFi networks in a dual band router we can choose to combine the names. These are some ideas that we offer you:

  • Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down
  • Tarantino / Blood
  • Rick Sanchez / Morty Smith
  • Joey Tribbiani / Chandler Bing
  • The worst Wi-Fi in the world / The 2nd worst Wi-Fi in the world
  • Searching / Not found
  • WiFi for cat photos / WiFi for dog photos

Finally, we recommend you not to fall into provocations and avoid provocative names that attract too much attention. Someone may be tempted to “pay you a visit” if you stand out too much. Of course, choose the one you choose, differentiate yourself from your neighbors and do not keep the default SSID for anything in the world.

You can also choose to hide the name of your WiFi

Changing the name of our WiFi can also be a technique to try to prevent other users from being interested in our connection and trying to steal it or connect to it. However, there is another option if what we want is to protect our WiFi, hide its name.

To make the SSID invisible and our neighbors cannot see our network, we have to access the settings of our router and follow the steps shown below:

  • We access the router through its gateway at the address from the browser.
  • We enter the username and password (by default it is usually admin / 1234).
  • We enter the WiFi settings . It will depend on the router model, it is usually an option with the name of WiFi, Wireless or LAN.
  • Within the SSID section options, which we should find in the basic configuration section, we will find the option we are looking for.
  • It is usually a box with the name Hide SSID or Hide SSID .
  • We mark it, save the changes and exit the router configuration.

From then on, the name of our WiFi network will be hidden from all those who are within their reach and do a search. In addition to changing the name of the WiFi, this can be another technique if what we are looking for is to protect our network.