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Not every LMS is made for everyone, which is why you can find a lot of different systems that are simply made to serve different purposes. For example, a small or medium sized business is very different from a big enterprise. Thus it is natural that their training requirements and specifications are pretty different. Small to medium businesses also have a comparatively smaller budget than the bigger businesses which is why the training strategies are planned differently to adjust with the available resources. 

However, these different requirements of SMBs are not at all an excuse to just skip training for the employees of these small and medium businesses. Counting on staff to pick up important knowledge as they go can restrict your performance. Rather, utilising an SMB Learning Management System like Accord LMS to build a strong online training programme is a more finance friendly alternative. 

Here are some key distinctions between a standard Learning Management System and an SMB Learning Management System as choosing the right LMS can look like a delirious job but it  will assist you in creating effective online training that will improve your small to medium-sized business’s end result.

User-Friendly Learning Management Systems for Small Businesses

Many conventional Learning Management Systems are managed internally. This means that a company will require a sizable IT crew to maintain the LMS. Small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, rarely have the financial means to sustain an independent LMS. This is why a SMB Learning Management System for Small Businesses is ideal. Because they are frequently housed in the cloud, your small business won’t require dedicated LMS servers. A specialised support team is available for many SMB Learning Management Systems. These benefits enable small and medium-sized organisations to have a complete LMS without the burden of maintaining it.

Structure of Charges

One of the most important considerations is the price when it comes to a small to medium sized business. It’s possible that the tool has all of the capabilities you require. Can you, however, truly afford it? The majority of SMB-focused LMSs are available as SaaS solutions. This implies you pay for users who are active or registered. As a result, you’ll be able to scale the software as your company grows. Similarly, if your firm shrinks, you have the option of reducing your monthly membership. Many LMS suppliers have a minimum user requirement when it comes to business LMSs. You must, for example, pay for at least 100 users each month or subscribe to a monthly plan.

Options for Web Hosting

The majority of SMB solutions are cloud-based. As a result, you may use any device to access them remotely. Hosting, updates, and software upgrades are all handled by the LMS provider. Your business learners and team may use the platform from any location on the planet. This cloud-hosted paradigm is being used by an increasing number of business LMSs. Many of the installed options in traditional LMSs are hosted on your own servers. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your LMS’s architecture so that it responds to your changing demands. You can administer users and incorporate branding, for instance.

Easy customization for more personalized learning 

Each company is unique, and your LMS requirements should reflect your objectives. While other companies concentrate on the social components of their LMS, you should concentrate on online quizzes. Whatever your goals are, you can customize your SMB Learning Management System to meet them. Choose a learning management system for small businesses that matches your company’s vision, purpose, and values. It’s critical to provide those crucial key company facts throughout your elearning. It will assist your workforce with comprehending who you are and what your company is all about. A tailored SMB Learning Management System will keep your staff on track and ensure that they understand their responsibilities.


While there is considerable overlap between traditional LMSs and SMB Learning Management Systems, the differences are worth mentioning. Especially if you have a limited training budget and can’t afford to waste money on experiment learning, using the right LMS system not only will keep the finances tight but also help your employees and your team in positive ways.