Invitation Maker App: Tips to Design Your Invitations

If you want to design your invitations, you can easily do so with the modern invitation maker applications listed on the Google Play and iOS application store.

In this article, we will throw some light on the top invitation maker applications that can help you create the most appealing invitation designs.

Before we do so, we would like you to go through some of the important tips that would help you design your invitation cards!

Tips to Design your Invitation Cards!

Here are the common tips which would professionally help you design invitation cards.

  1. The first tip is to focus on the card dimensions. Some of the common and popularly used card dimensions are 3.5 X 5, 5.25 X 5.25, 5 X 7, 4 X 9.25, 6.5 X 8.75!
  2. The second most important tip we would like to give you is to start designing the card well in time. Even though using the greeting card maker can speed up the design process, you should still start designing the card early so that you can avoid a rushed timeline. Starting early would help you think about the different aspects of the invitation!
  3. Finding the right visual style is also important when it comes to the creation of invitations. There are tons of different styles & designs that you can consider using. If you use the right invitation card maker app, you will find inspiration for choosing the right visuals!
  4. Before finalizing a template, we suggest you try out multiple options and take feedback from your close friends and family members!
  5. Choosing the right color scheme and theme is also important in designing an invitation card. Adding more than five colors in a wedding invitation would look stupid, whereas the same theme would look cute and a birthday card.

Best Invitation Maker Apps to Design your Cards!

There are tons of greeting card maker apps on the web, and you cannot consider using all of them. So, in this subsection, we have shortlisted the expert-recommended invitation maker tools for interested designers!

  • Invitation Maker Free – Birthday & Wedding Card

This invitation maker app belongs to the famous house of Content Arcade Applications. It is a five-star application that you can use on any of your smartphones. This invitation card maker android app is light on phone storage and on the user’s pocket, which is why we would suggest you try it. All sorts of users can design invitations with this platform. There are more than thirteen different categories of events listed under this application, and it is up to you to choose the one which suits your party. There are plenty of pre-designed templates in each category from which you can choose the most inspiring one. You can customize the template design and add relevant details in the empty sections!

  • Canva – Invitation Maker

Canva is a graphic design utility that can help you create the best images, logos, invitations, thumbnails, flyers, banners, and many other things. You must know that this invitation maker can be used online, and you can also install its application version from Google Play and the App Store of iOS. You must know that with Canva, you can create tons of different invitation designs from scratch. If you don’t want to waste time in manual designing with this greeting card maker app, you can also get along with the different template designs listed on the app. You can use Canva for free and without any limits, link.

  • Desygner – Wedding and Birthday Invitation

As the name tells us, this application has expertise in designing the best invitation cards for birthdays and weddings. The designer app is very easy to utilize, and you can get it for Android and iOS devices. This invitation maker has tons of templates of various colors, themes, and designs. You can go through all of them and choose the one which complements your party the most. Three pre-designed templates can easily be edited and customized in the editing board of the application. Some of the famous features of this app include duplication, manipulation of layers, opacity, etc.!

  • Evite 

Evite is one of the favorite graphics designing applications among designs from all across the globe. You must know that evite consists of tons of templates from which you can select the one that pings you the most. Evite is best for both professionals and newbie designers, but to use it with the full features, you have to register an account with it. Evite can help you create invitation cards for fun bachelor parties and birthdays, weddings, formal dinners, and many more events; if you start using this greeting cards maker, you can easily help yourself design the perfect invite in less than three to five minutes!

If you try using either of these invitation maker apps that we have discussed in this post, then you can easily get the best cards on your phone in no time. You can also digitally share these e-cards from the apps with your loved ones!