In most organizations, they do not have the proper form of employee recognition program or even just any employee recognition ideas. But we can not deny that employee recognition is just as important as giving your employees the salary they deserve. 

And being an HR, it is your responsibility to know why your organization needs an employee recognition program. So, what you can do is create and implement an employee recognition program for all your employees. Make sure that this is more than just rewarding your employees. 

5 Easy Steps To Help You Plan An Employee Recognition Program

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an employee recognition program, which will be well suited for your organization and employees at the same time. You should understand the purpose and intention behind this. 

  • Appoint A Project Leader

The very first step that you need to take in order to form an employee recognition program is appointing a project manager. This will be the person in charge of driving the whole employee recognition project. Make sure you are giving the responsibility to someone who belongs to the company and works with other employees of this organization. 

The person also needs to make all the strategic decisions and approve activities and awards and make them available. The project leader will also communicate all the schemes to your entire workforce. 

  • Identify Your Goals

It is also important to identify your goals. Whether you are looking for staff retention or want to boost morale, it is crucial to determine that. After that, you need to connect your company values with it and check whether it fits perfectly with your organizational structure or not. 

There is another way to identify your objectives. And that is conducting a survey with all your employees. It is really beneficial to identify what your workforces are linking and what they want to improve


  • Design Your Particular Employee Recognition program

Now is the time to design your employee recognition plan. There are several options of rewarding or appreciating your employees. Question yourself will it be the decision of management or employees will be nominating each other? 

Here you also need to figure out whether the awarding period will be on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, or annually. Which one will be good is an award based on a longer service period in order to increase longevity and loyalty or something different. 

  • Select Your Staff Rewards

This is the stage, which can impact your employees. Which type of rewards or appreciation do you want to give? It is true that we all are working for money. But in recent days, business is shifting from money to more tangible, personalized, or leisure-oriented awards. 

You can take your employees out for lunch or coffee. You also can plan a short-duration trip. Arrange a sports match between different teams or groups. Organizing a cultural event or movie day is not at all a bad idea in some cases. 

  • Launch Your Employee Recognition Program

Once you are all set with the employee appreciation or reward program. Now the time to launch the program. But make sure that you have the proper approval of the management. It is important to let them know what are all the aspects and segments of your employee recognition program. 

When a lot of recognition programs are running online, managing and operating them will not be easy. Time-to-time reminders are also needed when the target is achieved. Nominations and approvals are also needed to be set. 


So, now you get a road map to walk through the path of developing a proper employee recognition program. It is also important to manage the program after launching it. Many issues may occur, so you need to be prepared so that you can handle them properly. The intention is to appreciate and recognize the good work that your employees are performing.