What are Irrational Numbers?

An irrational number is a real number that cannot be shown as a ratio of integers; for instance, here √ 2 is an irrational number. Again, the decimal extension of an irrational number is not terminating or recurring. Irrational numbers are real numbers that cannot be described as a simple fraction. It cannot be shown in the form of a ratio, such as p/q, where p and q are integers.

How do you know it is an Irrational number?

The real numbers can not be stated in the form of p/q, where p and q are both integers, while q ≠ 0 are termed and known as irrational numbers.

Set of Irrational Numbers

A collection of irrational numbers can be achieved by writing few irrational numbers within the brackets. The set of irrational numbers can be obtained by these certain properties.

  • All square roots which are not perfect squares are called irrational numbers.
  • Euler’s number, Golden ratio, and Pi are some of the well-known irrational numbers.
  • The square root of any given prime number is always an irrational number.

How to learn Irrational Numbers In an Interesting way:

To make mathematics fun-filled, a few tactics will break the ice and drive students to take up maths. This could be possible if we use different and interesting ways to teach the students certain topics.

1. Practice as much as you can

Maths is a hands-on and engaging subject. You can’t just memorize chapters, and you have to understand the concepts and then regularly keep practicing. It’s ideal to start practicing right from the beginning. That way, students will be able to practice well by the time the exam arrives. When they are studying content-heavy subjects, it is better to solve worksheets and test themselves. You can practice grade 8 math worksheets in order to develop a rock-solid foundation of the topic.

2. Start by solving examples

Don’t start by solving complex equations. If the students have simply understood the concept, solving complex problems will give them the wrong answer and discourage them. It might even make them hate mathematics some more. Instead, they should start simple. Solve the examples in their given textbooks. Make sure they do not look at the answer before solving. Once they have solved the given problems, they can compare their sheets to the textbook solutions.

3. Clear all your doubts

It’s easy to get stuck while dealing with Irrational numbers. The sooner the students get their doubts resolved, the sooner they get more skilled with the topics. Students can ask their class teacher, friends or take help from online courses. Cuemath is an online learning platform that helps students learn at their own pace. They also have doubts sessions, and the teachers make the most complicated topic engaging and interesting. With Cuemath, math becomes super easy and fun to solve.

4. Don’t lose touch with the basics

Mastering the basics is very important in mathematics. Even if the students are studying for easier topics, they need to have a strong foundation of their curriculum. Most chapters and topics in mathematics are based on the previous ones. If the foundation is not strong, then students will keep getting stuck. Hence it is important to work on the basics and lay a strong foundation.

You can use these exciting tips, and your weak points will soon turn into your strength!


Irrational numbers are very important to understand. Mastering irrational numbers can help students solve and answer numeral problems efficiently and accurately. It will also help students strengthen their core topics and master the working of number systems. Irrational numbers will allow students to think and reason logically and will help them ace mental math. If you follow the tips, you can easily master the concept of irrational numbers.