Slack Sues Microsoft for Unfair Competition

Slack yesterday announced the opening of a lawsuit against Microsoft for anti-competitive practices before the European Union . According to the company responsible for the business messaging service, its rival violates the competition laws of the European block by unfairly offering Microsoft equipment in conjunction with Office 365.

Slack Believes That Microsoft Is Acting Illegally

Slack’s action raises the tone for intercompany wrestling over corporate communications software. The company accuses Microsoft of illegal practice and unfair competition due to the package that encompasses both the suite of Office applications, including the email service, and rival Microsoft teams.

“The complaint details Microsoft’s illegal and anti-competitive practice of abusing its market dominance to extinguish competition in violation of EU competition laws. Microsoft illegally linked its Teams product to its market-leading Office productivity suite, forced millions to install it, blocked its removal, and hid the real cost for corporate customers, ”they explain.

Microsoft says it will collaborate with authorities to provide clarification on the matter. “We created teams to combine the ability to collaborate with the ability to connect via video , because that is what people want. With COVID-19, the market adopted teams in record numbers, while Slack suffered from a lack of video conferencing, ”they say.

What is Slack?

Slack in recent years has transformed business communication. It is the leading channel-based messaging platform , used by millions of people to align their teams, unify their systems, and drive their businesses. Only Slack offers a secure, enterprise-level environment that can scale with the world’s largest companies.

It’s a new layer of business technology where people can work together more effectively , connect all their other software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best work . Slack is where work happens.

It is now up to the European Commission to assess and decide whether or not to open an investigation against Microsoft.