How to Use Gadgets in the NFL Industry?

The top in-demand career paths for 2022 require new skillsets for efficiency and productivity in a virtual work environment. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud uncovered those skillsets in the highest demand that all new professionals should cultivate to land higher starting salaries and launch successful work-from-home careers. Here is a breakdown of the new skillsets employers are searching for most:

Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

As more businesses turned to digital workplaces to remain operational during the pandemic, the development of new digital business tools allowed for remote workforces to become efficient. Today, the job market holds many opportunities for skilled workers to launch successful work-from-home jobs if they can work efficiently and collaboratively in a virtual environment. Employers are looking for candidates with communication, time management, organizational, and interpersonal skills, making them influential members of a team and assets to their company. Collaborating in a virtual work environment requires extra effort to become proficient in collaborative software and develop strong communication habits to develop a good relationship with the rest of your team. Job applicants who have experience using popular collaborative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and other document management systems will have a leg-up in the workplace and may be able to land a higher starting salary.

Creativity and Design Skills

The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically as more consumers turn to mobile and eCommerce stores for shopping. Businesses compete for consumers’ attention by creating eye-catching and engaging online appearances across social media and other digital platforms. Adobe CC found 5,693% more jobs requiring Adobe skills and reports, “According to the LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, recent graduates secured a higher starting salary by up to 16% when they listed visual communication skills on their LinkedIn Profile.” In 2022, the most in-demand career paths primarily require hard skills in creative software such as Adobe CC, Photoshop, InDesign, etc., and visual communication skills used to design visually stunning assets. A presentation, sales pitch, advertisement, newsletter, etc., can become effective company assets by adding a visually compelling element.

Creativity in asset creation and communication is one thing, but creative thinking is another. Businesses need to stay flexible and innovative to remain competitive in the face of unforeseen challenges. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and consumer trends is crucial for digital businesses to stay on the cutting edge of digital business environments. Creativity at all levels of a company is essential for recognizing efficiencies and innovations. Bringing your unique perspective and creative thinking to a team can open opportunities for promotion and help your company gain a competitive edge.

Technical Skills and Industry Knowledge

To gain an advantage in the entry-level job market, students should familiarize themselves with the tools and requirements of the position before they leave school. Adobe CC for students found that “Unprepared former students were getting paid, on average, 20%-30% less than students who attained the required skills beforehand. Additionally, 56% were required to acquire specific skills after being hired.” New professionals who apply with experience in graphic design, web page design, content creation, and other marketable skills can earn higher starting salaries and may land more significant opportunities once they enter the digital workplace. Many technical skills and industry insights can be learned through online resources. Blogs, tutorials, news websites, online certifications, and courses can help you broaden your industry knowledge and learn new skills you can apply to your new position.

Launch a successful career from home today by adding these crucial skillsets to your resume. Be sure to showcase your creative talents and eye for design through a portfolio. And gain experience utilizing various software and business tools to get ahead in the new virtual workplace.