Amazon Halo: The Smartband With Emotion Analysis and 3d Body Scan

The smart  band  sector is really  rich in alternatives  proposed by the main technology producers and we often see new products that are reminiscent, at least in terms of proposed functionalities, of those already available on the market. The  concrete step forward is a smartmand called Amazon Halo.

This device will offer the user functions that you will not find in any other smart band, below we will give you all the details about the new solution from Amazon.

Technical characteristics of Amazon Halo

Below is the  full  Amazon Halo datasheet :

BatteryUp to 7 days (speech analysis disabled), up to 2 days (speech analysis enabled). Full charge in 90 minutes.
WaterproofResistance up to 50 meters deep (5 atm).
ColorsBlack / Onyx, Winter / Silver and Blush / Rose gold
Strap sizeFabric: Small (135-155mm), Medium (145-180mm), Large (170-220mm), Sport: Small / Medium (130-180mm), Medium / Large (160-230mm)
materialsFabric: Polyester, Nylon and Spandex, Sport: High Performance Silicone
WeightCapsules: 18g, Band: 5.2 grams (S), 5.4 grams (M), 6.0 grams (L)
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0.
Audio2 microphones for vocal analysis
Warranty1 year

The new Amazon smartband is a  fitness tracker , therefore it offers physical activity tracking that we know well from the other smartbands on the market, various types of  workouts  , sleep monitoring   , heart rate detection   through PPG sensors and temperature monitoring  .

The device also offers water resistance up to 50 meters  deep,  without  the GPS  and  Wi-Fi modules  .

Emotion Detection and 3D Body Scan

The step forward  in  the future of Amazon , however, is given by the integration of  microphones  that are not used for interaction with Alexa, which among other things is not supported, but for  voice analysis to detect the emotional state of the  user .

In fact, Amazon Halo allows the analysis of  different characteristics  of the user’s voice, such as the timbre, to create an index related to the user’s emotional state. This is not science fiction,  in the scientific literature the field of speech analysis to estimate emotional state has been highly developed for some time.

The  second absolute novelty  proposed by Amazon Halo consists of  body scanning  in  3D,  this aims to estimate and monitor  body fat percentage over time and can be loading  different images body to Amazon’s servers.

Amazon agrees to completely remove the images once  the 3D model is created .

Departure and Price

Amazon Halo has been announced  exclusively for the US market , where it is priced at  around € 95 . Halo is available in the US exclusively by subscription, in  addition to the purchase of the smart band, there is a subscription of about € 3.50 per month . It is currently unknown if its launch will also take place in Europe.