Top 7 Mobile Apps for Writing Resume

When you decide to apply for the job, you aim to highlight your skills. A well-crafted resume increases your chance to receive an interview call. Some latest mobile phone apps can help you make your document look professional and grab the attention of the employer. Let me show you how: 


How to write a resume is one of the most frequently asked questions. The availability of online apps makes the resume writing process easier and faster. The Canva app is a great application to create design projects and prepare an excellent looking resume. Even the beginners can make use of the app to develop a perfect document with little effort. You can experiment with different colour combinations to see which one looks the best. Besides, you can take the feedback from your friends to improve on your resume.

When you chose to develop a brand new design of your resume, you can select from the different available templates. Most of the templates are free. Pick a particular design and enter your details in the form of text. You can include a good looking background with some shapes to make your resume look appealing. Canva apps work well on Android, iOS and web. Make use of the fantastic features which come up with the app to prepare a perfect resume. The custom writing service provider like can also help you to come with a resume which lands you a job. An expert writer will prepare a professional resume for you. It will ensure that you receive an interview call in your relevant field. 


Visual CV

Writing a resume is easier than you might have thought. The online web and mobile apps make the process simple and easy. To prepare and design a resume, Visual CV is a good app which comes up with some exciting features. You can write your detailed information on the selected template. Adjust the formatting as per your requirement to prepare a professional resume. The app helps you to make your resume look attractive within a few minutes. Pick one of the templates or create a resume from scratch. Then drag and drop images, boxes and shapes as per your requirement. The whole process of editing and moving your text around the document is pretty simple. When you feel satisfied with the final version of your resume, you can download it as PDF. The Visual CV app works perfectly fine in the web browser as well. You can buy a yearly or monthly subscription to get additional features like analytics in your account. It will let you know about the total number of times your resume is viewed online. In the beginning, it is best to use the free version. Once you become comfortable with the different options available, you can then move to a paid version.

Cake Resume

The Cake Resume app comes with a beautiful looking user interface which is super easy to use. Multiple resume samples, features and templates are available, which helps you to connect directly with the potential recruiters. When you create an account on the app, you are asked a few questions about your skills and background. The information in the resume is automatically filled based on your answers. You can move the content around and create different blocks to make your resume look professional. Besides, you can also include a link of your LinkedIn profile and previously completed projects. It provides authenticity to your profile. You are done preparing the final document you can save it on the webpage or your app. If you are a final year student and looking for jobs, you should hire a top writer for your essays from CustomEssayOrder. The writer will craft a resume about the job advertisement and requirements. The use of specific keywords mentioned in the job advertisement will make your resume more powerful.


CV Engineer

How to do a resume is a query which bothers many students and professionals. With CV engineer app, you can complete your resume within an hour with little effort. The layouts are appealing, which can also be viewed on the mobile device. Some informative resume examples are available on the app for your reference. You can use it to your advantage. The app lets you organize all your information in a proper format. The initial task for you is to fill the different sections of resume with your details. For every block of the document, the CV Engineer app provides you with a few suggestions and examples. After completing your resume, you can save the product on Google Drive or send it to your email.


The Resumaker is an ideal resume builder app for students who are looking for entry-level or mid-level jobs. If you are looking to gain a professional edge over others, you must use the app. A wide range of resume libraries and templates are available, which help you to create a resume in your area of expertise. The templates are well suited for any industry or job.

PathSource Resume

The PathSource Resume app is user friendly and allows to craft a perfect resume in no time. You can pick multiple colours from the options which go well with the design of your document. If you do not want to use fancy colours, you can pick a blank template to prepare a custom resume. No design skills are required for crafting a perfect document. The app gives you a few suggestions and guidelines. If you use your common sense, you can easily prepare a resume which makes you stand out from others.

CV Maker

The CV Maker is a fantastic app which helps students to prepare a professional resume. Multiple template designs are available, which makes the tasks easier for a newbie. The UI of the app gives your document a perfect look which is sure to grab the attention of the employers. Use CV Maker app to complete your resume as it will give you an edge over other candidates. The app is free to use and does not require you to make in-app purchases. Experiment with different templates and styles to identify the best format. A professional resume is essential to receive an interview call.

Here is the list of best mobile apps which will help you make an ideal resume. It will also boost your chances to get shortlisted. All the apps are easy to use and make the resume writing process easy for you. Pick the app which you find most useful.