Top Reasons Why Instagram Is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business Today

With over one billion monthly active users today, Instagram is the third most popular social media platform after just Facebook and YouTube. Even though Facebook claims to have more total users, it is quite evident that Instagram seems to have an overwhelming reach that cannot be undermined by business users.

As per huffpost, with over 500 million monthly active users creating more than 95 million posts or content pieces daily, Instagram is regarded as a powerful and versatile social media platform with incredible marketing opportunities for businesses today. Yet, it is quite surprising to see that numerous businesses are still not on Instagram. These businesses are depriving themselves of opportunities to make the most of organic possibilities. Instagram should be an integral part of your business’s social media marketing stratagem. From the biological point of view, we know that platforms with a focus on visuals like Snapchat and Instagram would be thriving even in the future because pictures are processed 60,000 times faster in comparison to text in the human brain; implying consumers have a clear preference for videos and images over text.

Great for Reaching Generation Z & Millennials

Instagram seems to entice younger adults much more as compared to Facebook. As per data provided by Sprout Social, 64 percent of the Instagrammers are in the age group between 18-29 years. However, almost two out of three adults belonging to this particular age group are using Instagram. Moreover, this phenomenally popular platform would be accounting for nearly one-fourth of Facebook’s total revenue by the end of 2020.

Instagram Is Flocked By Ever-Increasing Users 

As per Instagram, there are over 1 billion active users. Of these users, more than 500 million users are using Instagram every single day, with 80% of the users located outside the U.S.A. Around 34 percent of the users are Millennials, and over 38 percent of the users are on the platform multiple times every day. Since Instagram boasts of such a massive audience, your business could achieve incredible growth and success with a smart and dedicated Instagram stratagem. 

Instagram is a Flourishing Platform for All Businesses

Offering an incredibly diverse range of users from all demographics, Instagram is the perfect marketing channel for any business, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to full-blown conglomerates. It doesn’t mean success will be handed to you, of course; an active presence, quality content, and a cohesive marketing strategy are an absolute must no matter the scale of your organization.

Instagram Provides a Viable Direct Income Stream for Businesses

Instagram has been evolving over the last few years. Today, there is a greater focus on making money via product placement. Shoppable posts are the latest feature of Instagram allows businesses to go ahead and incorporate tags into the products in their pictures with links that would be including a description of the product, the actual product price, and the capacity to shop right now that will drive the Instagrammer to your online shop.

With this powerful social media service, it is quite easy and uncomplicated to extract real sales from the website and with almost 72% of Instagrammers admitting to buying products via this versatile social media channel, the outcomes simply cannot be ignored.

Instagram Stories Helps to Give Relevance to Your Business

Instagram is an amazing way of demonstrating to your prospective customers that your business is way more than simply a faceless organization. You could achieve recognition and relevance via several of the features of Instagram; however, you could create a great impression when you use Instagram Stories or live posts.

The most effective way of using live stories on Instagram is to share some impressive behind-the-scenes moments or insights into your organization and also, the staff working there. Some instances are videos demonstrating the production process, videos of employees coordinating and interacting with one another, and also, live Question & Answer sessions between your business and your target audience.

Moreover, Instagram live posts seem to be a wonderful way of building rapport, credibility, and trust with followers and demonstrating the human aspect of your organization. If people are able to visualize your business as much more than simply an entity wanting to mint money, then it would be easier for them to trust your brand and have faith in your organization. Now there are many users who are able to view Instagram Stories without following themThis helps your business to get a wider audience.

Enter into Fruitful Partnerships with Influencers on Instagram

Social media is all about regular viewers and influencers. Influencers are regarded as online celebrities with a massive following and impressive fan base. They are often partnering with brands and businesses for promoting their products and taking them into the mainstream. A highly celebrated and dependable Instagram influencer could take your business’s sales to a whole new level via increased ROI and easy access to a wider audience and specific demographics that your business would otherwise, not be in a position to reach. If you end up partnering with a reliable and renowned influencer, he can help in promoting your product and raising brand awareness online with only a few posts. 

Instagram is an Excellent Space to Engage with Your Customers

The only thing better than having potential and existing customers know you exist and are active is to be able to engage with them regularly. Instagram is the perfect platform for putting out your opinions, having people validate them, and being able to discuss them at length or amplify them within their own circles. As this organic engagement grows, you will find your business’ online visibility growing as well. High-quality content and earnest engagement is the best recipe for success on Instagram.

Instagram Allows You to Keep the Pace with the Competition

Instagram is for all intents and purposes a public platform, at least in the world of business profiles. This means that you have full freedom to keep an eye on any of your competitors, established players, or new entrants into the niche you wish to occupy. You can see what kind of content works for them, how they choose to engage with their followers, and what mistakes they make along the way. These valuable insights will let you fine-tune your own campaigns and it will do wonders for your results.


Instagram is more popular than ever before, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. By ignoring it or not maintaining an active presence on it, you are giving up the possibility of reaching millions of potential customers and building a lasting, profitable brand.