What is a Computer Network – Definition and Uses

What is a Computer Network? A computer network is a collection of at least two or more connected computer networks. Typically, you can establish a wired network connection with either wireless or wired media. Every network involves various software and hardware that connect devices and other computers.

In order to understand what a computer network is, you must first know what a LAN is. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a collection of computers within an area, which can be separated by barriers such as walls or other boundaries. For example, a local area network is a set of computers within a building or other structure that has a public switched telephone network and a private internal network, usually based on router technology. This private network has access to the Internet and can either connect to it or go through a gateway, which is another type of router or switch.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is the combination of a WAN and LAN. A WAN connects multiple devices together over a physical or logical network. Usually, a WAN requires more than two computers in order for communication to take place between the computers.

There are a variety of factors that determine how well your company’s intranet functions. One of these factors is network protocols. These protocols determine the way information is exchanged between computer networks. They also define how those networks work together. Each one of these protocols has their own purpose, which is to provide a safe avenue for information to travel between devices. Each type of protocol has their own way of addressing problems and security, which is why there are multiple protocols for each of these important functions.

The Internet itself is made up of several types of computer networks. The most popular among them are the Local Area Network (LAN), Personal Computer (PC), and the Wide Area Network (WAN). Each one has its own set of purposes, which is to provide ways of communication, storage and sharing resources. Some of these services enable users to access the Internet and to share information with other users, while others are used for gaming and for gathering Internet data.

Some of the best examples of these computer networks are the Local Area Networks within a metropolitan area, as well as the Wide Area Networks. You can find links to these services on the Internet. There are also web-based applications that you can use to help you learn more about computer networks. Some of them include netshows, which allows you to look at different computer networks, servers, or computers; congolese, which provides you with the ability to connect to a server and learn information about it; and WHOIS, which lets you look up domain names, email addresses and telephone numbers of people who own domain names on the Internet.