10 Best Remote Desktop Software of 2020: Free, Paid and for Business

Remote desktop is the name of the function by which we can control a Computer remotely . There are many programs and applications that allow us to perform this task in a simple way. Even Windows or Google Chrome provides us with their own solutions in this regard.

However, the idea of ​​this article is to review some of the best tools available. Without going beyond those two, we will analyze other free and paid ones that could help you.

You will see that there are alternatives designed for a more professional use, like those offered by SecureLink, and another for private users. With any of them you can access the functions and contents of one computer from another.

10 Remote Desktop Programs to Control Your Computer Wherever You Want


It is one of the latest products in this segment, but also a very complete one. SupRemo stands out because it does not require installation, and you can try it for 21 days . After that time, it is necessary to purchase one of your payment plans.

Very simple to configure, AES-256 encryption ensures that all content is protected. At the same time, NAT technology makes it suitable for carrying out multiple connections.

Also, this answer on Windows Remote Desktop works on IOS and Android smart phones. This cross-platform feature is often essential for many people.


TeamViewer is probably the most famous and used application among all the ones on the list. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices, its effectiveness is out of the question. You can run it on computers as well as on tablets, mobiles or ultrabooks.

It is responsible for generating a secure connection as soon as we enter a username and password . To prevent third-party intrusion, it produces a personal access numeric code.

Its ability to replace the hardware of the original device with the substitute is wonderful. You can use your keyboard and mouse exactly as if they were from the remote controlled PC .

3.Windows Remote Desktop

We were talking at the beginning of the microsoft remote desktop, and we will analyze it further. Developed by Microsoft, it offers fewer options but none of the basic ones are missing.

We must activate it directly from the Windows 10 Configuration , showing a remote entry name for the system. This will make it visible to other teams, facilitating the connection.

Contrary to what would be believed, it allows us to establish synchronizations from outside Windows . Thus, you can manage your Windows 10 from Mac OS X, iOS or Android through its applications.

4.Chrome Remote Desktop

This chrome web remote desktop solution starts when we download the eponymous extension . Once installed on our computer, open the connections from the apps of other terminals.

The attractive thing is that you can not only control Chrome, but also the rest of your content . Ideal for newbies due to its low customization and stability, it also ensures our privacy. This, incorporating a six-digit PIN code that complements the Google account.

5.VNC Connect

This port remote desktop program also comes at a cost, although the investment is worth it. Downloadable on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, it is one of the most advanced available .

Due to its characteristics, it is one of the best choices for those who want to dominate several teams at the same time . You can establish a local or a remote network if it is what you want.

  • Cloud connectivity
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Various session permissions
  • Informatic support


Although it does not differ too much from the previous ones, this payment program has its fans. Being possible to test it for a few days, it is suitable for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can also connect from an iOS or Android smartphone .

Perhaps the main reason for recommending it is the high quality of streaming audio and video. With minimal latency , it replaces other multimedia playback products from afar.

7.Ammyy Admin

Perfect for old computers or computers that do not have excess power due to their low weight and resource consumption. In just 1 MB you have an effective app, with free or paid versions .

Its biggest advantage is that as soon as you install it you can use it, going from settings . However, it does not allow transferring files between computers, but only remote control.


Its name tells us what its use proposal is. And we are facing one of the few alternatives that can face the problems of beginners as well as experts .

With this software, you can run each application installed on your remote computer. This, without losing sight of the management of your networks or the files stored in it.

Unfortunately it does not have free versions , beyond being able to install it on trial.

  • Business plans
  • Copy and Paste enabled
  • Multi-monitor support
  • 128-bit AES encryption

9.Laplink Everywhere

If you have a Nintendo Wii and want to establish a remote control through it, it is your program. Laplink Everywhere lets you manage from afar these consoles, such as mobile, PC, etc .

This environment does not do without any of the expected functions in this kind of tools. But the best thing is that it invites the sending of files with extra security , something that we don’t always see.

Also for a fee, you can request that the money be returned to you during the first 30 days.

10.LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn is a company that specializes in free remote access services . Although it has paid versions, in principle we are not obliged to purchase them.

Control over the files and applications of the second computer is absolute, without restrictions.

Apart from this , it will also be possible to take advantage of hosting as another remote hard drive , to connect to your PC from any computer connected to an Internet network. The performance with free hosting services is not the same, so do not trust them because you could lose files.

Remote Computer Control, Without Limits

Considering that the free options have little to envy to the paid ones, to start you should choose one of them. Now what is the best remote desktop alternative? In our opinion, we are talking about Ammyy Admin .

It may not be the most complete of all, but it is more than enough for the most common tasks. If Chrome or Windows offers are expensive, you should install Ammyy before the others.