how to improve your Amazon item searches

In general, Internet sales platforms have a common pattern, since sellers are concentrated on the same sales page, Amazon, where you can search for items of all kinds, books, appliances, T-shirts, computers and a long etcetera.

Bamax is the largest Amazon article search portalonline, it has a pretty good interface where you can choose the product you want. You will find the product you need and you could even discover a similar one at a better price , everything is to investigate on the web.

With this platform you can see how well a product niche sells on Amazon and you can know it just by pressing a button. Its function is to facilitate the location of the product you need in the shortest possible time and that you can decide your purchase based on your searches and needs.

Find the Best Price for Products Hosted on Amazon

While surfing its website you will be able to discover sales estimates, competitor data, projections in real time with a single click since it has a direct connection to Amazon. In the case of being a seller you can automate requests for product reviews with the Bamax extension.

A good article search platform should have an excellent filter that focuses on finding not only terms entered by the user, but also displaying a range of similar products that may interest you.

For example, searching for “T-shirt” is not the same as “Real Madrid size M soccer jersey” . The number of results you will get with the first term will cover a wide type of t-shirts, while with the second term you will drastically reduce the results and find what you need.

Stopwords as a Function to Improve the Search for Articles

First of all, what are stopwords? These words do not have a meaning by themselves, but modify or accompany others, this group is usually made up of articles, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs and even some verbs. Over time , search engines have become more efficient and know that our way of speaking and thinking includes these empty words.

In each of the article searches that are carried out in the previously mentioned platform, before processing the keyword, these terms of the general use of the language are filtered / eliminated . There are sites that use a list of their own where they include certain terms that are very common in order to improve the results and not be altered.

For example: “The best Music player”

Resulting keyword: Music player