Seven Ingenious Business Ideas That'll Earn You Big Bucks
Ever wondered what connects a business to success?

One word: Ideas. 

An idea is something that creates profit and sales for business owners and value for customers. With profit and sales come the scope to invest in more services and products, allowing the business to rise from the ground. Ideas, on the other hand, don’t come easy. Instead, they are born at the intersection of skills, timing, passion, and strategic thinking. You might have thought about opening up a fancy new athleisure wear shop in 2019, but it’s a good thing you didn’t, as you would’ve had to keep your shutter down for most of 2020. Today, most businesses are shifting online, making it easier to earn money while keeping people safe from this nuisance of a pandemic. Still, running a brick-and-mortar business has its perks too.

Now, you might have a rush of epiphanies when it comes to choosing a business idea. Still, it is crucial to pick an idea to help you make money instead of losing some. A poorly chosen business idea can make life difficult because no one will stick around if you don’t have anything compelling to offer. You will be swimming upstream every day, wondering what went wrong. 

So to help you determine your calling, we’ve listed a few ideas that will not only pique your interests but also put you on the path to success – and, of course, more money. 

Start a blog

If you consider yourself a keen observer of the business world and tend to predict outcomes and explain trends, you can start blogging. It’s also a great idea if you love to write and don’t mind making a living out of it.

Blogging is an incredibly lucrative option for those who have recently completed an MBA and are wondering, “What to do after MBA.” Sure, you can look for a job in senior management, but you can also write informative content for various online publications and help other business owners improve their chances of success. This will be easy as you’ll already know every bait and switch that lies within the business world. 

With a persuasive style, you can find thousands of followers and be regarded as a professional in your field. Moreover, you can also explore blogging through podcasts or videos. As you gain the trust of your followers, they will refer you to others. Hence, an increased following and opportunities to monetize your blog and writing skills.

Social media management

Do you know all the bells and whistles of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms? If so, starting a small business that assists other businesses to build and manage their social media presence is a fantastic business idea. Create content for them, manage their profiles, and increase engagement. After that, you can demonstrate your worth by using analytics design and run paid social media campaigns to generate leads and sales. Isn’t that great?

Niche staffing

Almost every industry has open positions, and employers are eager to hire the best candidates. You can fulfill this need by opening up a business that procures human resources for other companies. The role of a niche staffing agency is to match employees with employers in your industry of choice. Determine the types of positions you’ll be filling (mid-level, Junior, C-level) so that you can identify the best candidates for the job. In addition, consider the employment terms that your agency will share with the prospective candidates. Depending on the market’s needs, you can be a temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or long-term staffing agency.

Home-based catering

If you enjoy cooking and look at it as a creative outlet, you can make a good living by starting a home-based catering business. The scale of the setup heavily influences the initial investment. For example, if you begin with smaller events that you can manage independently, you may not have to buy too many appliances. Most home-based catering services start with a kitchen – of course, a website, joining programs that allow cooking wizards to profit from their culinary abilities, and experimenting with local food markets. 

Podcast producer

These days, you might have heard the term “content marketing” more than “advertising.” Why? Companies are attempting to engage their clients and prospects through various forms of content. Podcasts are an essential component of content marketing. They can be an excellent niche for someone looking to build a successful content marketing business. Plus, creating podcasts requires a professional setup that not many may be familiar with. You can also help other companies make their podcasts as a third-party service provider. It all comes down to experience and having a portfolio of previous work to sell to new clients. A professional website displaying examples of your best work is required.

Egg donor

Ladies, did you know that donating your eggs could help you earn $5,000 to $7,000 or more?

If you are relatively young and in good health, egg donation could be a viable option for earning a substantial income. However, keep in mind that this option has emotional and physical ramifications and is also time-bound. You will eventually be unable to donate after a certain point in life or if your health is compromised.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have given careful consideration to egg donation. It is also a time-consuming process that can last several weeks once accepted into an egg donation program. If you meet the requirements egg banks are looking for, you will have the best chance of success. Egg Bank America, for example, has the following minimum requirements:

  • Aged 21-31
  • Have a BMI of 19 to 29
  • Physically and psychologically healthy
  • Non-smokers
  • No history of drug abuse
  • Have no family history of genetic disorders 

Green app developer

People who want to go green are frequently unsure where to begin, so why not assist them? If you know how to develop mobile and web applications, you could make one that teaches users how to live a greener lifestyle. You could create an application that discusses resilience in general, or you could focus on specific niches such as recycling, energy conservation, green living at work or home, and manufacturing and purchasing eco-friendly products.


So, are you ready to leap?

Making money starts with getting a gist of what people need. As a business owner, the path to success is finding the right ideas to fit your skills, preferences, and customer needs. And as you can see from the list above, there are many business ideas for you to choose from. Finding one that truly excites you shouldn’t be hard. So whether you’re a college student, a remote worker, or anyone else looking to start a budding business, remember that there are plenty of ways to earn a sizeable income.