Click-Through Rate

A good click through rate is about 3.17%.

But how do you get users to engage with your site and click your links?

Your CTR, or click through rate, is a great way to measure user engagement on your business website.

This guide will explain all aspects of your click-through rate. If you want to learn why your CTR is a great measure of website success and what factors influence your stats, keep reading!

What Is Click-Through Rate?

Your click-through rate is the ratio of impressions that resulted in people clicking on the links in your ads. How do you get an impression? An impression is whenever a link gets shown to a potential customer.

Your click-through rate is important because it measures how many people are finding your ad relevant.

If you have a high click-through rate, your ad is very relevant. If it’s low, people don’t think your ad is relevant to them.

Because the goal of a campaign is to make users follow your CTA, it’s really important to make sure your campaign is relevant to your customers.

What Is a Good Click-Through Rate?

Click-through rates vary depending on your industry. Therefore, you should try to shoot for a click-through rate that’s above whatever your industry average is.  Some industries have lower CTRs than others, and there are a variety of other factors that can impact click-through rate and online traffic.

A good click through rate is about 3.17%.

What Impacts Click-Through Rate?

Your click through rate can vary based on industry, but that’s not the only factor that influences CTR. Understanding your audience’s needs will also help increase your online traffic and link clicks.


Average CTRs vary greatly based on your industry.

For instance, technology has one of the lowest click-through rates at 2.09%. Dating and personals has a high CTR at 6.05%.

If your business website sells a seasonal service, you’ll have higher CTRs during the season your product is relevant.

Online Traffic

If the website stats for your business website are low, you’ll see a much lower click-through rate.

Online traffic is influenced by many different factors. If your website is ranking higher on Google, you’ll see better stats and CTRs overall. It’s also important to have a solid SEO strategy and make sure your website speed is optimized.

Call to Action

If the call to action in your ad isn’t relevant to your customer base, you’ll have a low click-through rate.

The call to action is what drives customers to click your link, so you really need a quality copy.

Getting the Best Click-Through Rate

What does all this tell us about how to get the highest CTR?

First, know your audience! People are more likely to click a link that’s relevant to solving their problems and meeting their needs. Understanding what your audience wants will drive your ad copy and help create valuable content for them.

Finally, hone your ad copy. If your ad copy doesn’t clearly and attractively explain what you want your customer to do, they won’t click your link. Make sure your intent is clear and your customer knows what you want them to do.

Getting the best click-through rate doesn’t have to be hard work. When you understand what your customers want, you’ll be able to create links that are impossible to ignore.

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