Top 6 Reliable and Popular Brands for Mattresses

If it comes to mattresses, you should never choose the cheapest model available. The reason simply is that you can hardly tell if it’s truly made of quality materials. Most certainly, quality isn’t only based on the price itself. 

But who is the manufacturer and can they provide the latest technology to re-invent mattresses as we know them? That’s why you should always go for a reliable and reputable mattress brand. Check out this review to find amazing models from the best mattress brands in the biz. 

Nectar Sleep

When Nectar Sleep was founded in 2016, the founders had just one vision: to make high-quality mattresses at an affordable price. A good mattress doesn’t have to be expensive while still featuring the positives of a top-of-the-line product. 

Memory foam mattresses can relieve several pressure points from your back and neck. To ensure the quality of their mattresses, they maintain strict quality controls. Before they use a material, they thoroughly test it first. It’s not surprising they’ve received many rewards for their products. As one of the best mattress brands out there, they provide a lifelong guarantee on their products plus a trial period of one year.


Serta is a mattress brand that has been around almost the longest out of any of them. They sold their first mattress around 1931. Since then, they’ve developed eight iconic mattress ranges. Each range comes with a bunch of extras for their hybrid, foam, and memory foam mattresses. 

Everyone is going to find the right mattress from Serta, even gel memory foam mattresses. If you tend to sweat a lot or are in a hotter climate, they even offer an arctic version that keeps you cool at night. If you choose a mattress from Serta, you’ll get 10 years warranty plus 120 days trial period for your new mattress.


Beautyrest has continuously defended its reputation as one of the best mattress brands since they were founded in 1925. Up to the new millennium they’ve mainly manufactured innerspring mattresses. Thanks to Beautyrest, they came up with a queen and king-size mattresses to have a taste of what it is royalty. 

They were actually the first who invented the pock-size innerspring models. Along with traditional innerspring mattresses, they’re also manufacturing hybrid mattresses. From Beautyrest, you’ll receive a 100 day trial period as well as a 10-year warranty.


Leesa was founded 30 years ago with two goals in their mind: to make high-quality mattresses and to support communities in need. Their CEO thinks first about what buyers need most of a new mattress, during the development of prototypes. The prototype undergoes a rigorous testing and research phase until its eventual release. Among their catalog, there are foam and memory foam mattresses, but also hybrid models. 

To make sure they leave an ecologically responsible footprint, they use as many organic and recycled materials as possible. From Leesa, you’ll also get a 100 day trial period and 10 years of limited warranty. Thinking of the customer, no matter what is always a clear indication that this is one of the best mattress brands in the market.

Layla Sleep

It’s only been five years since Layla Sleep was founded in 2016. As a rather young company that quickly joined ranks of the best mattress brands, they do offer something special. Every new mattress brand tries to revolutionize the way we think about sleep. And how mattresses are made. Layla Sleep has taken this goal to mind and came up with copper foam. 

Copper foam is what makes their memory mattresses stand out from others. It doesn’t only keep you cooler than a gel memory foam mattress, but it’s also got antibacterial properties. In addition, they also offer hybrid mattresses as well. All of their models are flippable with a different firmness on each side. From Layla Sleep you basically get two mattresses in one for a 120 day trial period plus a ten-year warranty.


Zinus was founded in South Korea in 1970. In quite modest circumstances, founder Youn Jae Lee started making new mattresses with a different approach inside of building tents. The difference between Zinus and other best mattress brands is that they use natural materials to enhance their memory foam. 

Among these are green tea extract, copper, active charcoal, and also olive oil for the best sleep you’ll ever have. But they don’t only manufacture memory foam mattresses. Among their range are also hybrid and pillow-top mattresses. They offer you a 100 days trial period for your new mattress and ten years of warranty.

Parting Words on the Best Mattress Brands in the Market Today

Always go with a long trial period to make sure your mattress provides you with the comfort you seek. Remember to always pick one with the longest warranty. Don’t just rely on reviews about a certain mattress or your first impression during a test in a showroom. Make sure to do plenty of research before settling with one single model. 

And, finally, I’ll add below other important points to take into consideration when purchasing a mattress

  • The heavier you are, the harder your mattress will have to be
  • Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress
  • Side sleepers are best off with soft mattresses
  • Back sleepers benefit from medium to medium-firm mattresses either with a hybrid or a pillow top mattress
  • Memory foam mattresses provide the least motion transfer which is advantageous for couples
  • Lay down your mattress and leave it for at least 24 hours to sleep on it