What is Digital? – Definition, Features and Uses

Digital media literally refers to the information, devices, systems, and services which are sent and received over the Internet using any of the various means available. This includes items like news, information, weather, stock exchange quotes, blogs, and many more. As the word indicates, there is no physical media involved in sending or receiving this type of service. Instead, it is sent and received digitally. Some examples of digital media which are used in communication include email (both secure and unsecure), instant messaging (either free or paid), SMS, video, music, photos, games, blogging, video conferencing, instant messaging (text only), and web feeds.

One major trend that emerged in the last several years is the increased focus on digital media. This has been particularly seen when it comes to television, where programs such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have utilized a new technology which allows channels to be streamed directly onto cell phones (so that no television is required). In addition, film producers are starting to create movies using digital media such as flash and real images instead of film. With the popularity of sites such as Netflix and Hulu, it has become much easier for people to stay up-to-date with the latest news, entertainment, and information which they may be interested in.

What is Digital Marketing? Another trend that has developed in recent years is the use of digital media in marketing. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo! Answers, and Twitter have each created unique websites and content that consumers can visit and interact with in order to let them know about upcoming events, product releases, and sales/discounts.

What is Digital Graphic Design? Just as the name suggests, a person who specializes in digital graphic design creates designs using digital technology. They are the designers of logos, posters, and any other visual materials used to market a product, service, or organization. In today’s job market, there are very few positions available for graphic designers who are capable of creating high-end work. This field is expected to see a significant amount of growth in the coming years due to the growing need for inexpensive, yet professional-looking solutions.

What is Digital Photography? As previously mentioned, many people who take the time to properly set up their home studio now utilize digital media such as webcams in order to capture family events, vacations, birthday parties, weddings, intimate dinners, and even pet grooming sessions. Many homeowners enjoy taking pictures of their pets, especially during these photo shoots, because the act of photography is beneficial to both animal owners and the pets themselves. What is Digital Photography?

What is Digital Writing? Again, because of the rising need for affordable, yet professional looking written content, digital writing is catching on as a popular way to engage readers. What is Digital Writing?