What is $GetCurrent & How to Delete it in Windows 10? [Tutorial]

In previous versions of windows, you would have to “getcurrent” to delete or clear the value that is associated with your computer registry. The value that was associated with your windows installation files and other software programs were known as the registry keys or entries. This is how to delete or clear the value from the windows installation files in windows 10. It is very easy to do and if followed correctly should result in the desired result.

The first step to doing this task is to get the current value from the window registry. You can do this by right clicking on the name element and then go into properties. Here you will get a detailed list of the values that are associated with that particular name. If you find any of these values you would need to right click and then choose properties. When a new window appears, type in the current value for that particular name and then click enter.

Once you get current you will be able to see all the associated keys that are associated with the specific windows 10 version you are running. Look for the “Registry Editor” icon on the desktop. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to do this. Once you have chosen a registry editor, follow the simple instructions. Open the “registry” and once done you will be shown a window.

There are two ways of deleting a particular entry from the registry, one is by using the standard windows explorer tools and another one is by using the registry editor. For the standard windows explorer tools, you would need to browse to the section that corresponds to the key you want to delete. For deleting folders, you would need to browse to the folder and click on it. For example if you want to delete the test folder, you can just type this in the command box and then press ok.

The second method to delete the keys and hide the files, is to use a registry cleaner software. To do this, you should open a new windows program and then press ok. Once done, you should see a window with the words “root” and “hdmi port”. Click on these two words and a new window should open up. You can then type in the command you want to use and then hit ok. The new window should display a list of all the programs and applications that are currently installed on your computer.

In the list of programs and applications, there should be at least one item that says “Get Current”. If there is no list, it means that you are able to edit the information and delete the folder. To edit the Get Current button, you should press shift and then f. Once you have released the f key, the Get Current option should appear. You should select it and then press Esc to close the dialog box. After you have clicked the red “x” you will see a space below it with an exclamation sign.

The third method to delete the $sysreset folder and hide the file, is to use system restore. This may sound really great but it is not so. To restore your computer to an earlier date, you should first download and install windows recovery software. Once you have installed the software, you should open the window and then press shift + f to bring up the restore window.

If you want to know what is $GetCurrent, you should not have any problem. This is the same file explorer that is used by windows explorer. You can also use this to go back to your earlier date or simply delete the folder if you are not satisfied with the result. Once you have used this method to find out what is $GetCurrent, you should be happy that you decided to remove this unwanted file.