Instagram began trying a new way to see new stories on mobile devices . According to reports from Instagram Beta users on Twitter for a few days, the social network implemented a button that shows all the new content icons in full screen when the application starts.

Instagram Seeks to Improve This Feature Before Enabling It for Everyone

Instagram has been searching for new story display formats since the end of May. According to information also published on Twitter , the Android application began to show seen and unseen content on two lines . However, the change is not yet available to all users of the social network.

Now, Instagram seeks to improve this function, in addition to showing six stories at the same time, the user must also have the “See all stories” button , which shows all the publications of the accounts that follow in full screen. It is also possible to hide the icons by pressing the “Close” key, which appears after expansion.

How to create a GIF to post to Instagram Stories

First step: Instagram

The first step is to make a video on Instagram Stories. It is important that the background of the video is solid color. That is, all the same color . This will make it easier to crop the person or object filmed when the GIF is generated.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  • Filming the person or object.
  • Save the video in your phone’s photo gallery.

Step Two: On the Unscreen website

  • Access the [ ] website through the mobile browser.
  • Tap “Upload Clip” to upload the video from your gallery.
  • When you’re ready, tap the small arrow next to
  • “Download” to download the file in this format.
  • Save the ready GIF to your phone’s photo gallery.
  • In the photo gallery, open the GIF and tap “copy.”

Step Three: Returning to Instagram

This is the step where the GIF will be pasted into your post. You can take a photo and use animation to demonstrate a reaction or use an image with a solid color background to contrast only with your GIF.

  • Open Instagram stories.
  • On a solid color background, double-tap the screen to paste the GIF.
  • If the paste option does not appear, touch the text tool, then touch and hold your finger on the screen until the “paste” alternative appears.

Who has a smartphone system Android , you can use the “Gboard” application [ Gboard ] to include the GIF ready on the keyboard and, soon after, add it to the stories.

Ready! You can create your own GIFs to use in your stories.

Launch of the stable version

In principle, the update is only available for the Instagram Beta available for Android phones. There are no reports and the launch of the new button is expected for all users in the final versions of the application for the Google operating system and for iPhone (iOS).