Numbers speak Truth when it comes to business. And with regards to Instagram marketing, you have an 83%-window. This 83% represents the number of people who discover new brands and businesses through Instagram. 

To get real Instagram followers and increase your brand visibility, here are 5 marketing tips you can immediately apply to your social media growth scheme. 

1. Your Business Profile 

If your goal is to increase your Instagram followers and push for the potential of having a wider pool of customers, it’ll be an advantage to switch to a business profile. Instagram’s Business Accounts have features that are specific to business needs. And these features are not available in personal accounts. 

Instagram Ads, Instagram Shopping, Instagram Insights (it allows you to view tabulated computations of followers and/or users who are responsive to your business campaign, their behaviours online, their demographic, etc.), Contact Information, and a button for a Call-To-Action. 

Don’t worry. In case you don’t have one yet, it’s actually pretty easy to set up. 

2. Goal Specificity 

You have your business goals. Now, it’s time to arrange and rearrange them according to priority. 

At this stage of your business, are you at the starting point of building brand awareness? Or perhaps you already have an effective strategy for visibility but are needing an approach towards getting new leads? Are you aiming to be an industry leader? What about your sales targets?

After you’ve identified these and many more, the next step is to select which one is the priority at this moment. And always remember to be as specific as possible.

3. Audience Defining 

Be smart in choosing your target audience. Though before getting there, you’ll have to define them first. Define your target audience. 

Conducting preliminary research will be very helpful. Through Instagram analytics, you can get your hands on demographic insights regarding your target audience. It’s a click away. 

You can use the tactic of formulating buyer personas, wherein you and your team create “characters” (fictional, and for the purpose of the marketing scheme) to represent customers and their demographics, and click versus purchasing statistics. 

4. Instagram Stories Polls 

There are tons of Instagram users who bypass this feature on the said platform. Well, you’ll be wonderfully bewildered to know that businesses have been taking good advantage of it to up their customer engagement. All of those questions answerable by a simple “yes” or “no” and the like which show up on your Instagram Stories? That’s it, right there. IG polls.

Polls are a fun way to get your followers and customers involved. It’s a break from constant business information that flood their news feeds. Customize questions so that they’re entertaining and light. Yet they are to still fall into the scope of the purpose of your social media marketing strategy— to find out what your potential customers think about your brand.

5. Your Product/ Service Catalog 

We cannot overstate this too much but we’ll say it again (as we’ve mentioned a few times in our previous blogs), Instagram, like numerous social media platforms, are largely “visual” tools. 

Hence, instead of enumerating what your products and/or services do, show it. Let your clientele have a real feel of your business via photos and videos. Incidentally, you can showcase them through the IG polls, as a bonus.