Top Five Developments in Pharmaceutical Health Care

Looking for the top five developments in pharmaceutical health care? It can be quite a task given the vast number of advances that have been made in recent years. The pharmaceutical industry is one which is always in the process of innovation and improvement. The following paragraphs will provide an explanation of some of the most important advances in recent years.

One of the top five developments in recent years has been the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. For many years, doctors and patients have tended to treat such conditions with a range of over the counter pain relievers. These medications, however, have often been associated with gastrointestinal issues and, oftentimes, have not been very effective. A new class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents or NSAIDs, were developed and are now readily available. These drugs can reduce inflammation without any side effects and offer significant improvements in terms of pain management.

Another top five development is the development of new cancer medications. Many of the treatments being offered for various forms of cancer now involve several different drugs. In some cases, a single drug is prescribed as treatment while in others, a series of different drugs are taken in order to achieve the best results. New drugs are continually being developed in this area in an effort to increase the effectiveness of existing treatments and find new ways to treat cancer at its root cause. Because it tends to be a long term project, these new approaches to treating cancer are proving to be exceptionally successful.

Another development that has had a profound impact on the pharmaceuticals industry has been the development of anti-depressants. Research now shows that many of these drugs are having significantly higher success rates than past methods, allowing many more individuals to experience dramatic increases in the ability to control mood disorders. The ease of use and relatively low cost of these drugs make them an ideal choice for millions of patients.

One of the top five developments in the area of mental health is biofeedback. Using patient controlled monitors, doctors are able to monitor brainwaves and other physiological functions in order to determine how different therapies affect a patient’s mental state. More studies are showing that these biofeedback techniques are actually more effective than many traditional psychotherapies. Additionally, biofeedback allows a greater amount of control over a patient’s overall health and well being than previously believed possible. These top five advances in mental health prove that biofeedback is quickly becoming one of the most important developments in modern medicine.

Other top five medicines include cancer medications. As more cures and treatments become available for different forms of cancer, pharmaceutical companies are finding it increasingly easier and less costly to manufacture these medicines. While they still don’t have an actual cure for cancer, researchers are consistently hard at work developing new and improved cancer drugs. There are many medicines developed that can potentially treat or at least slow the progression of cancer. Developments in this area continue to prove that research and development are still very important to the future of medical care.

Another area that continues to grow in importance is stem cell therapy. Stem cells are cells that develop from adult follicles in the body. Scientists have learned that it is possible to replace damaged cells with new stem cells in a person’s body. By using these cells for medical purposes, scientists believe they may be able to cure certain types of diseases and medical disorders. Stem cell development is an important addition to the vast number of medicines and treatment options available for various types of illness and disease.

Finally, one of the top five pharmaceutical discovery of the year is the development of genetically engineered crops. Years of research by biotechnology companies has finally resulted in crops that are capable of producing disease causing pests and organisms. With genetically altered crops capable of controlling widespread insect infestations and allergens, farmers and ranchers will experience a boost in crop production as a result of this technological breakthrough. This is only one of the top five pharmaceutical discovery of the year, but it is an important one. By maintaining focus on the top five pharmaceutical advances of the year, a better understanding of the science of medicines and their impacts upon our health and well-being can be gained.