What is Smart Home Automation?-Definition, Benefits, Features and More

What is Smart Home Automation? That is a question many people who are interested in home automation are asking, as the features and uses of automated systems continue to grow and evolve. The short answer to the question is this: it’s a method of taking complete control of all the various devices in your home and making them operate more efficiently and seamlessly for a smoother and easier life overall.

More than just having simple remote controlled lights in the yard or blinds in the living room; its incorporating these different disparate elements into one seamless system so you could control them all with the touch of a button. With the advent of technology and smart devices, the integration of various devices is becoming even more advanced. Today, a smart home automation system would include many devices that have not even seen the light of day on their own yet. A refrigerator could read bar codes and feed you food automatically. Your lights could turn on at night and your appliances could be programmed to turn off when you are sleeping.

In fact, there are even some devices that act like nothing else on the market today, but could be programmed to work in conjunction with each other and with your general home automation. Some examples include but are not limited to, video surveillance cameras, refrigerators with water dispensers, and even security cameras with voice output that allow you to remotely control what is going on your property (you could say “turn on lights” if you wanted to check up on a potential theft). These are just a small but interesting few examples. There are more technologies being added to the automation scene every single day.

Of course, when talking about smart home automation, you have to talk about devices that are controlled by one app and are not tied to any one person or device. This is the beauty of technology and why it has taken over the automotive, home, and entertainment industries. With one app, you have access to everything. You can program one device, your phone, lights, TV, air conditioning, and so on, to work together to make your life a little less complicated.

With a traditional home automation system, you would have to program many times with many different devices to interact with one another to make sure your home was protected from a variety of security risks. This is tedious, very time consuming, and, quite frankly, not very fun. But when you are tied to your phone, computer, or television, you are in a state of constant surveillance, as these are the most vulnerable parts of your entire house to intruders. So, with one app, you can monitor and control all of these devices and activities simultaneously, making your life much easier.

In addition to being tied to your phone and computer, you will also be able to control all of these devices wirelessly, as they are becoming more intelligent. There are many examples of new technology that will allow for this, including such things as internet-connected devices, televisions that can be controlled with voice commands, and so on. As you can see, there are many times when having an integrated home automation system makes life much easier, particularly for the everyday consumer. For those who don’t want to wait for specific items, have an open mind, and look into the various options that are available, you’ll be amazed at the wealth of possibilities that lie ahead. It’s never been easier to protect your family and your assets, whether you’re inside the home or out.