How to access Netflix outside your country

If you are getting bored of the selection on Netflix and you wonder why people on the internet are talking about movies or tv-shows you cannot access the answer is simple – territorial licensing. For several reasons, Netflix only has the license to different contents in specific regions or countries. Also Netflix domestically competes with the license of specific contents to other streaming services. This is why tv-shows are removed from Netflix only to appear on other streaming services later on. Though there are methods to access the selection of Netflix in other countries. 

Use a VPN 

If you want to access Netflix in another country you must obtain a VPN, which stands for virtual private network. A VPN has several features and one of them is to prevent geoblocking – the restriction of entering sites or content based on location. Netflix have stated that their goal is to have the same selection in all territories, though until then you can access the whole Netflix selection with a VPN. 

What is VPN and how does it work?

To explain further, a VPN ensures your online privacy by creating a private network from your present internet connection. It also hides your IP address so your browsing is untraceable. With a VPN you can safely browse the internet without worrying about your data or personal information getting stolen. Especially if you tend to use public internet connections such as in cafes or even your workplace. Even at home your internet connection is not safe. 

VPN and Netflix

Not only does a VPN hide your IP address, but it replaces it with another VPN, which is how you can access Netflix in other countries like Japan. When you have access to a VPN you have the option of changing your IP address to match the country, which Netflix you want to access. If you want to access the contents in Japan you can easily change your VPN to Japan and then gain access to the Japanese contents. 

When doing this, you also gain access to local movies and tv-shows. Nowadays using a VPN is a necessity when browsing the internet. As you might have guessed, Netflix is aware of the use of VPN’s which is why some VPN’s do not work. It is therefore important that you choose the best VPN so you are certain it works. You cannot be sure that cheap and free VPN’s let you access Netflix let alone protect your connection. On you can find a list of VPN’s and their quality compared to the price. 

Why it is important to ensure your internet connection

When you are browsing the internet unprotected you are exposing your data and private information, which is easily obtainable to the people who wish to steal them. It is not enough to browse in incognito-mode which actually is not any more secure than the normal connection. 

A VPN protects your every move on the internet such as shopping online, checking your bank account or browsing social media. 

Using public WiFi without a VPN can be very dangerous and people can easily hack into your system. Even when browsing on a password protected connection you cannot be safe. A VPN provides anonymous and safe browsing as well as access to streaming services.